What do international students really think? The results are in!

Studying overseas is arguably one of the best decisions any student can make for themselves. An adventure in a foreign country filled with exciting experiences, new friends and travel opportunities galore giving international students a chance to broaden their horizons and enjoy the wonders of the world in some of their most defining years. We’re smiling just thinking about it.

And while excitement is generally the overwhelming emotion for students about to embark on their journey, there are naturally some questions that need answering. Much of this can be attributed to the unknown. Living in a new country presents a whole lot of questions. Where will I live? How do I make payments? Do I need overseas student health cover? The list goes on.

The good news is, we’ve had our fair share of experience in this space. Cohort Go has helped over 50,000 students across over 180 countries get their international study experience off to a flying start.

We surveyed over 1,000 of our international students and discovered some interesting facts from pre-trip preparation to graduation. Let’s dive right in!

Author: Cohort Go

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