Is my OSHC impacted if I change institutions when in Australia?

One question that we have been asked many times is, “If I change institutions whilst I am an international student in Australia, do I have to change my OSHC?” The answer to this question is, “No”. While studying in Australia, it is a visa requirement that you hold an OSHC policy. Whilst most educational institutions sell OSHC to their students, OSHC itself is not tied to your educational provider. 

Some educational providers have preferred provider status which may provide limited extra value to students, which may be a reason to change OSHC providers when you are changing educational institutions. 

If you are going to change, you should first compare OSHC providers to ensure that you are getting the right cover at the right place. Of course, the best place to compare OSHC providers is right here at!

Author: Kirsty Jackson

As CMO, Kirsty is responsible for carrying out our company vision by creating global marketing and communication strategies that drive growth and nurture our customer experiences.

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