Getting to know the Latin American team

The Cohort Go Latin American team have been very busy over the last couple of months. From exhibiting at ICEF Latin America, becoming a member of ANEX Colombia and BELTA, to our Austrade roadshow across Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Mexico.

At Cohort Go, our people are integral to our success. So, what better way to talk about our efforts in Latin America, than by sitting down with our local experts to find out more about their positions and passions.

Dario Giraldo joined Cohort Go in March 2016 as Associate Director of Latin America, based in Medellin. Drawn to the position at Cohort Go because of our company vision, Dario is passionate about improving the lives of international students and the satisfaction this brings to both our recruitment agents and employees.

Monica Tsai commenced with Cohort Go in 2015 and since joining us has established a strong agent network in Brazil. Based in São Paulo, Monica believes what makes Cohort Go unique is our enthusiasm to offer the best services we can.

Due to increased demand for Cohort Go services in Colombia, we recently hired a new Business Development Manager in Latin America, Alexander Rincon. Based in Bogota, Alexander provides exceptional customer service as well as new business development. Commencing in October 2018, Alexander’s passion for making new connections and building long-lasting customer relationships compelled him to join the Cohort Go journey.

Thanks for making the time to chat with us team. Can you give us a bit of an overview of your background before joining Cohort Go?

Monica: I myself was an international student studying in Australia from 2007 – 2008. When I came back to Brazil, I worked for an education agent, Information Planet, before moving on to work for Rendimento Bank as the business development manager. My experience and education is the perfect fit for my current role as Associate Director of Brazil with Cohort Go.

Dario: I have over 10 years experience working with international students. I also previously worked in the finance industry.

Alex: I have been in the education industry for about eight years. Previously, I worked for one of the top education agents in Latin America, Viajes y Viajes Experience, as well as the leader in e-learning platforms for Spanish students, Open English. I was part of the B2B team promoting our product in the Latin American market, obtaining new clients and generating long-term relationships. I joined Cohort Go because of my personal experience as an international student. I am excited to work for an innovative technology company that is passionate about helping other international students to have an amazing experience studying overseas, as I did.

What is it about your job that you enjoy the most?

Monica: I am passionate to help students achieve their dreams and goals.

Dario: No two days are the same at Cohort Go, which I love. I am always learning something new! I also like being able to contribute to society by helping people to fulfill their dreams in the best way possible. I like working for a company that is focussed on building long-term relationships, benefiting society for the generations to come.

And Alex, what are you most looking forward to in your position?

Alex: I am looking forward to bringing excellent results and growth for Cohort Go in Colombia and Latin America. The best thing so far has been meeting the friendly Cohort Go team who are keen to help me in my role and to share their experience.

In your opinion, WHY do we do what we do?

Monica: To create the best experiences for students and agents, the easiest way possible.

Dario: At Cohort Go, we always see a better way. From reducing costs for international students to simplifying the process for international payments, our aim is to create positive experiences for international students. We are helping students to make their dream a reality.

Alex: To build long-term relationships and improve experiences for our customers. Customer success is very important.

What are your favourite things to do outside of the office?

Monica: For the past two and a half years my weekends were dedicated to completing my MBA. But if I do have some spare time, I enjoy going to the movies or to the coast.

Dario: On weekends, I like to go to the cinema. I love going to the movies and I never miss a new release! I also like to go to the farm or go walking in nature. When I am at home, I like to unwind and relax with a good book, pinot noir and a delicious Spanish seafood rice dish, called paella.

Alex: On the weekend I like to spend time with my nephew, mum, and grandma, going for dinner or to the movies.

What is something interesting that people do not know about you?

Monica: I am a passionate extroverted Brazilian. My mum used to say that nobody expects it from looking at me!

Dario: I love cooking and making local dishes from different countries. I am on the hunt for new and interesting dishes with a good combination of flavours and fragrances to impress my friends and family. They always compliment me on how good of a cook I am.

Alex: I love sports. I am currently training in swimming, cycling and running.

What is your favourite thing about where you live?

Monica: I like how Brazilians face the challenges in life. We never lose our faith and we always believe that things can change for the better. Brazilians are very optimistic!

Dario: Colombia has many beautiful things to offer visitors, like the river with the colours of the rainbow, the sea with seven colours, and the variety of birds and sweet flavoured tropical fruits.

My greatest pride is Medellin, which was recognised in 2013 by the Urban Land Institute as the most innovative city in the world. Medellin has one of the most efficient transport systems, where the metro, light rail, and metro cable are interconnected. It is also home to six of the nine most important companies in the country, of which several are multi-latinas with a presence throughout the continent.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Latin America, you will find a wide variety of great sites to see, delicious food to eat, and friendly people!

Monica and Dario, if you had to sum up Cohort Go in three words, what would you say?

Monica: connections, easy, and helpful.

Dario: engagement, friendly, and teamwork.

So, what’s next for Cohort Go in Latin America? Any exciting news to report?

Dario and Alex: We’re always growing at Cohort Go, and we are delighted to announce a new payment channel for Colombia, reducing the foreign exchange rate, saving you and your student’s even more money! For our agents, this new payment channel is now available directly through your Cohort Go payments portal.  You can check the rate online now.

Keen to learn more about how Cohort Go has helped international agents and students across Latin America? Discover more about our platform or reach out to one of our local team members today:

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