Getting to know the global sales team: Graham

At Cohort Go, our people are integral to our success. So, what better way to share the efforts of our global sales team than by sitting down with the experts to find out more about their positions and passions.

In this blog, we get to know Graham Edward. Graham joined Cohort Go in February this year as Enterprise Sales Manager, based in Canada. Graham shares a little bit about himself at work, and on a personal level too.

Can you give us a bit of an overview of your background before joining Cohort Go?

Graham: I have been in the education field for almost 10 years, working with universities and colleges as well as students around the world. I have had the chance to live and work in Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as Boston, USA, and have visited well over 150 different university campuses across the world. International education is very important to me and what we do at Cohort Go is a great match for my interests.

Graham, since starting with Cohort Go in February this year, how are you enjoying the new role?

Graham: Having spoken mainly with Glenn and Mark, our CEO and co-founder, before joining, the chance to visit and meet the Brisbane team was crucial for me. It also opened my eyes to the bigger picture of how the firm is run which was quite impressive. I immediately had the sense that there are a lot of very smart and passionate people, from the way our technology is developed to the flow with operations, to some very sharp marketing & branding that I can tell is very thoughtful and strategic. Since then, having the chance to speak with institutions across North America has been great and has only further enhanced my belief that what we do is valuable.

What is it about your job that you enjoy the most?

Graham: When I was about 19, I remember being asked what I wanted to do when I finished university; my answer was “I really like working with people.” I did not have a great way to quantify how, but the amazing thing about my role is that it is incumbent upon me to work with a wide array of people as my primary function – reaching out to potential clients, existing, our team members across the world, and to find solutions to problems they may have. I am most engaged when I’m working with people and in this field, there are a lot of very interesting, clever, creative, and unique individuals from different backgrounds. Beyond that, I also am a competitive person, so when we win clients that is something that I thoroughly enjoy.

What are some of your favourite things to do outside of the office?

Graham: Travel is something that I love (as well as aeroplanes, airports, and the like); I enjoy being active, whether at the gym or elsewhere; cooking and eating as well of course. I am a big fan of good espresso as well as good beer & whiskey!

What is something interesting about you that people don’t know? Do you have any hidden talents?

Graham: My biggest “hidden” talent is the Great Highland (Scottish) bagpipes. At the time of writing this, I’m a wee bit out of practice, which is something I will be changing this year as they are so much fun to play.

If you had to sum up Cohort Go in three words, what would you say?

Graham: Innovative, Exciting, Solution-Driven (let’s count that as one word).

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Stay tuned for the second part of this blog about getting to know Glenn Bedford, our Global Head of Sales at Cohort Go.

Author: Kirsty Jackson

As CMO, Kirsty is responsible for carrying out our company vision by creating global marketing and communication strategies that drive growth and nurture our customer experiences.