Cohort Go: What’s New January 2018

New year, new features! We’re excited to announce our latest Cohort Go platform features that we know you’re going to love.

New and improved search functionality

The search icon, located in the top right corner of the main menu, now triggers a search sidebar. When entering your search term, the platform will automatically provide results as you type to pre-empt what you are searching for and get you where you need to go.To navigate the search results, you can either use your mouse or the up and down arrows on your keyboard.If no results are found, quick links will appear to access index pages of items (i.e. View Students, View Settings etc.), to further filter or make a new search.

New features - Prompts for no search results

Tip! The search sidebar can also be activated using the following shortcut keys:

Mac: “cmd + J” and “ctrl + J”
Windows: “ctrl + alt + J”
Both: “/”

Shortcut to access recently viewed items

At Cohort Go, we always aim to improve your productivity. In the search sidebar, your latest history will appear as suggestions when you have not entered any search terms, allowing quick access to items you have just been working on!

New features - Shortcut to go to recently viewed items

Customise student forms to suit your requirements

We have increased choice with our new customisable fields on student forms. Remove fields that are not required and add custom fields and sections specific to your organisation such as date, country and email.

Upload payment proof documents to expedite the payment process

You can now upload payment proof documents for batch transactions and remittance requests. The payment proof dialogue box will show when a payment is ‘Awaiting Funds’.

New features - Education provider and agent view attach payment proof

Students can also upload payment proof documents to expedite the payment process.

New features - Student view attach payment proof

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